Be nice to people.

Honestly this is something that I’m very passionate about. This is a very important topic to me and I’ll tell you why. With the changes that come with time the one thing that has changed is our attitude.It can be our attitude towards people, towards life, towards problems, basically we’re changing and I’m not sure if it’s in a good way.
In a world full of competition and politics and unrest the only thing that can help us maintain peace and sanity is unity among the people. Unfortunately this does not seem to happen. There are many reasons for this, the main one being the backwardness of people. It’s 2016 and people aren’t allowed to be with whom they want to without someone passing homophobic comments or you can’t go to another country without someone being racist. We all need to realize that though we aren’t of the same race or skin color we are similar in many ways. Once people start being nice to one another we can start progressing.
One other really sad thing is people judging one another. “Live and let live” should be everyone’s motto. As long as a persons preferences aren’t affecting you, don’t judge them or spread rumors or gossip about them, though you might not see anything wrong with gossiping it is quite sad when the person hears what people are saying about them. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and imagine what it would feel like. Empathy is very important in today’s world. When you wonder whether you’re doing something wrong, put yourself in the shoes of the person getting affected by it and see if it’s hurtful in anyway.
Though you might not think what I’m saying is true or you probably think people are really nice to each other think about this. A normal school going child is bullied by his seniors or classmates for no reason other than pleasure, the bullies get their share of “fun” but the child goes though embarrassment which in most cases leads to depression. So many kids are depressed in the world, it’s alarming. Childhood is a time for children to enjoy where as here they need to go through therapy to lead a normal life.
Greed and hatred is another sad problem. With progress comes increasing competition. This is an increasing problem. Healthy competition is rarely ever seen. People keep trying to one-up each other and get ahead in the race but it’s time for us to sit back and see if it’s really worth it. Greed and want for more makes us forget our real purpose in life. Everyone’s real purpose in life should be happiness but sadly it has become very monetary. I’m not saying that competition is wrong but it should be healthy. As far as hatred goes stop hating people. You spend your time finding out what the person you hate is doing but is it really worth the effort and time? Time is precious, it never comes back. Use the time you spend on your frenemy’s instagram to talk to someone you love.
I know this blog post will probably reach only a few people but even if a single person changes it’s good. I’m trying my best to help people understand and if you agree with me even a little bit, spread the word.
The reason I’m writing this is because I feel like it is much needed. Be nice to people. Spread the word and enjoy life. Surround yourself with people that you love or people that make you happy. Be the best version of you for the short period of time that you’re on earth. Make the world a better place. Keep smiling and if you like this blog post like and share it. More later and remember, I’m always here for you ❤

5 thoughts on “Be nice to people.

  1. So true dear.. touched my heart too.. being a student of class 12th.. I realised how honest one should be.. One should never underestimate other maybe younger or older.. because when the same thing comes to us by someone.. We hate that..
    Well written !!

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